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:: I have six posts in draft form.
:: I worked 35 hours last week subbing + teaching my preschoolers.
:: The family went for two days without clean clothes. I finally did get the laundry done.
:: I haven't taken any photos this week at all.
:: The sun has been shining for a couple weeks now and the forecast looks amazing.
:: I made cornbread tonight. The boys always like that.
:: Buzz has nine weeks of school left before he graduates into first grade.
:: Spring break is coming up fast and I need to wrap my mind around our big trip to Utah.
:: I planned a field trip to a farm with baby animals today.
:: We totally bombed spirit week -- no camouflage, no crazy hair, no cowboy clothes.
:: I have a love/hate relationship with monthly goals. I love them and then I hate them.
:: Subbing can be good or really bad. Two bad ones this week.

Life with babies is so different from life with kids in school. I hesitate to say that now is just as hard because I promised myself I'd never forget the physical suffering of disturbed sleep and being pooped on and wet sleeping bags. Yep, OK -- those first four years trump everything else I think. But it's my first year with kids in school and me at work so there are growing pains of course. I know it will get easier. I'll start letting go of my unrealistic expectations and enjoying life as it is.

Spring break is coming and then summer, which means my loves and I will have much more time for camping and adventuring and photos and swimming and hiking and kayaking and all the other fun things. Life ebbs and flows and we've done our best with the school stuff and soon we'll be rewarded with the looser lifestyle called vacation. Bring it.