The Summer of 2015

I haven't paused to reflect on life much lately. Meaning every waking moment that isn't spent feeding children or cleaning up after them has been spent chin-deep in educational pedagogy and best practices. #mastersdegree I've been learning a lot, enjoying most of it, but there comes a time when life feels askew and I just want to spend a day baking muffins and crisp or stand-up paddleboarding in a cool lake. Aaaaaah.

I've had fleeting moments of guilt -- worrying that my boys aren't getting the kind of summer that kids should have. But here's the run-down of what they've been doing: riding bikes more than ever and learning how to ride with no hands, practicing piano every day, harvesting local foliage and selling it in their pretend store, conducting kitchen science experiments, rollerblading, building Lego cities, playing with friends, swimming with Grandpa. So maybe it IS the summer they always wanted. Course, my blogging self wishes I had photos of all these fun times to prove we're not wasting away.

We took a four day weekend recently to visit family in Idaho. Highlights: #wheelsforeveryone [bikes, plasma cars, tractors, 4-wheeler, motorcycle] #forestforts #hammocking #niecetime We watched big helicopters pulling water out of our little lake to dump on a nearby forest fire. We've been harvesting mini tomatoes in the backyard. And enjoying bike rides and frozen yogurt. So don't call me computer cave-woman just yet.

Adventuring slows down when other priorities come first, but if you know me, traveling will get bumped up to the top of the list as soon as possible. We do have plans to visit Silver Falls State Park in October -- Oregon State Parks is actually sponsoring our trip in exchange for some photos of the park!

School starts in less than two weeks, so I'm spending more time thinking about my Kindergarten classroom these days. Hope we can all get out the door by 7:30 every morning. #hardrealities

Cheers to summer and productivity and fitting in some fun! #getoutside #stayawesome