A Beautiful Blue Sky Day | Weekending

In not too many weeks we'll probably have a late start due to ice on the roads, but for now we're enjoying the 60 degree weather with gorgeous skies and sunshine! Pete was geeking out with friends, communicating via walkie-talkie, and Buzz got to take a turn on this little scooter, something he's been begging for. We're not sure we need more metal with wheels in the garage, though. It's kinda like our philosophy on pets --- enjoy someone else's and then give it back.

Weekend Sharing:
Rye Chocolate Brownies
They sound rich and hearty. I do like a thick chewy brownie.

Rappelling Little Red House Style 
I drool when I see this lady's adventures. This is what heaven will be like for me. #rocks #climbing #comingstraightdown

Eating | Butternut squash mac n cheese.
Enjoying | Survivor and Amazing Race -- fantastic players this time around!
Listening | Cedarmont Kids station on Pandora. And Adventures in Odyssey.
Thankful for | The vibrancy of fall colors.
Pinning | This winter art project.
Planning | What to pack for my trip to Haiti. #mytent #hammockmaybe Unfortunately, my trip got canceled just after posting this. There is political turbulence in the area I was planning to travel to, so it's not really safe for NRI to bring in volunteers. #disappointed #flightcanberescheduledforaprice
Putting off | You guessed it -- research capstone paper. But I'm planning to hit the library and get'er done.