I Have An Important Announcement To Make

I'll start with an apology to everyone, but mostly to my grandparents who probably check my blog for new content more often than anyone else. I'm sorry I haven't been posting regularly with photos and stories from our lives. My husband and I agree that we need a re-boot, a priority-check. When there's nothing to blog about or no time to do so, that usually means we're too busy doing things we should care less about. We want more family time, more time playing with friends, more outdoor adventures, more photos. And with the announcement I'm about to make will hopefully come all those things.

Here it is.

The Announcement.

Our family is moving. We didn't see this coming at all, but a job opportunity came by my husband that he couldn't pass up. And so the transition began. He's already working at his new job while the kids and I finish up these last weeks of school before the holiday break. A replacement Kindergarten teacher has been found and arrangements have been made for the kids to attend a new Christian school and for me to work part-time. We've landed a small two bedroom rental by a great paved trail and have a realtor helping us sell our real estate here in town.

Every weekend for the past month has been smashed full of stuff. I've been at the library writing up the last few pages of my capstone research paper. We've been filling boxes with all the things we won't need in the next few weeks. We journeyed to Idaho for Thanksgiving. And we've been dealing with all the details and paperwork of picking up roots and putting them down somewhere else.

Life is good, just a bit topsy turvy. We're so grateful that details have fallen into place as easily as they have. There are a million unknowns coming at us in 2016, but we'll be together and that's a huge blessing. I had one good cry at McDonalds last week, just processing what we were leaving, but I'm not a stranger to change and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

I have two things I wanted to put out here today: 
#1. The weirdness of putting so much effort and time into holiday badabingbadaboom when the kids are little [like ages 2-4] and then when they really care [ages 6-9] we're like...huh, you're too old for stuff like that or I've put in my time in that department already. Is it just me? I did themed birthday parties before they cared. We did Christmas countdowns and thankful trees and driving to see lights and decorating cookies and all. the. things. before they even cared. I bet it was fun at the time [maybe], but they don't remember it now. These boys of mine just want to have fun, creative birthdays and holidays now and I'm all done. Gotta fix this.

#2. The truth that I'm just not any good at #adulting. I spent much of my childhood listening to adult conversation from the sidelines, and find myself still doing that today...always surprised when someone wants to engage me in the conversation. I feel anywhere from 13-25 on any given day, but struggle greatly with the idea that I'm a big person. A whistle-blowing, rule-spouting adult capable of casual conversation with peers. Really? I look at other adults and think....how did they get that way? When did they wake up and decide to be all authoritative and stuff? I imagine most people I interact with to be at least 10 years older and twice as responsible. I have no idea when I'm going to feel grown up.

Weekend Sharing:
Rest Easy Moms, We Are Not the Rescuers
This is a really fantastic podcast, a conversation between Sally Lloyd-Jones [author of the Jesus Storybook Bible] and Kat Lee from Inspired to Action. It's so important to remember that we're not going to be perfect parents and believe it or not, kids need to know that we're not perfect. We all need to look to God, not each other.

Making Stop Animation Movies 
I want to encourage my boys to start doing this after our move. Creative use of technology + Lego! I love Ashley's blog and ideas!!

Eating | I made rice krispie squares for Buzz's half birthday. I know they're super unhealthy, but we ate the rest of the leftovers today.
Excited for | Buzz finally has a loose tooth!!!
Enjoying | A spontaneous trip to the snow to go sledding today! It was great.
Listening | The Milk Carton Kids -- Tsh mentioned them on her podcast. They're funny and super talented!
Thankful for | My thoughtful and kind husband, always doing his best to make good decisions for our family.
Pinning | Definitely thinking about summer and kayaking and Lake Tahoe. Can we make it happen in 2016?
Planning | To move on New Years Day. Wonder how many people we can pay to help us?
Wishing for | I think a good Christmas gift would be one of those new beautiful adult coloring books wrapped up with a couple hours of daily uninterrupted free time. With a side of Ellie Holcomb to fill the silence.