Finding Our Place | Weekending

We have just finished our first week of spring break -- the boys had these last five days off and instead of driving to Utah or someplace we stayed home and tried not to be too boring. Moving and re-calibrating has been epic enough, I'll say. We are getting our feet under us, enough to invite new friends to our house for a little afternoon of hunting for eggs filled with marshmallows to shoot with build it yourself PVC pipe guns.
We love hiking with friends, especially when they invite us to try a new trail! This has happened three times in the last couple weeks! We are stoked about the cool places we're adding to our good adventures list, including Dusty Lake. It's interesting to live where the dry side and wet side meet. We can find spring hikes in the desert and then summer hikes in the forest! It's awesome.

Also pictured is our day trip to Yakima to meet friends and participate in Dozer Days. The kids got to ride in/help operate several different kinds of dirt movers!

So, life is better. Life is warmer. Life is friendlier. Life here isn't so new. We're breaking in. #findingourplace

And next week the boys are back in school, but I get a week off from my public school job! Stay tuned for a mini-vacation...number 2 of a hopeful 10. We'll call it 10.2 and it's going to be sans kids thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Kyle!!

Weekend Sharing:
7 Under the Radar Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge -- me thinks we should be able to visit at least a few of these this summer

nw.groms on Instagram -- an absolutely fantastic visual collection of outdoor family adventures #inspirationcentral

Eating | Pioneer Woman's Spicy Beans with chips, cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, avocado, onion, sour cream...AKA haystacks.
Resolving to | Begin a habit of interviewing my kids on a quarterly basis -- so I get to know their hearts better and to help them put their thoughts and dreams into words.
Enjoying | The incredible feeling of bone-soaking warmth from the sun this time of year. No more tense muscles and shivering!
Listening | My new favorite podcast is called Marriage is Funny. I love their humor + realness.
Thankful for | Bright, green, fresh, life-giving LEAVES on trees.
Pinning | Not much lately. Just a few ideas for my music classes like this.
Reading | This article about living in a small home -- we've found these things to be true too.