Losing Daylight | Weekending

Who decided to put the time change and the election so close together?? It has been quite a combo of physical and emotional exhaustion. The kids and I watched the numbers as Florida turned blue and then red and then blue and then red and Texas did the same. We went to bed early last night and slept in late so maybe we're on the mend. Waiting to see if our nation can heal as well. #whatamess

I had to beg the kids to jump in the leaf pile this year. They were playing football and didn't want to be distracted by "little kid stuff". Sadly, I think that some of these cute photo ops are fading.

How will I get any photos of anything when the sun goes behind the mountain at 4pm? #depressing
We hit up Seattle a couple weekends ago for a sleeper sofa for the guest room/craft room. We spent waaaay longer than I'd like to admit just looking for a parking spot and then had extreme sticker shock when trying to find lunch. Can't say it enough -- we miss Portland. Seattle just ain't cutting the mustard for this bunch. #omsi #nicholas #max #forestpark We do like the San Juan islands but we'll do our best to avoid the city on our way there.

I'm afraid my photography skills are fading along with the photo ops and the sunlight. I am not so quick to be sure of the desired ISO and shutter speed. I need more practice. I'm going to put together a winter bucket list with this in mind so I'll be prepared for another philanthropic photo trip soon.

Winter Bucket List Ideas
+Sledding. Lots of it. During a full moon.
+Ice skating. A bunch.
+Watch Elf and The Sound of Music
+Cross country skiing and downhill skiing
+Find time to sew some rag quilts #scratchtheitch
+Keep decorating our new home
+Make an epic gingerbread house
+Sticky bun ding-dong-ditch
+Make chewy gingery molasses cookies
+Sew these tree ornaments
+Make an upside down snowman, standing on its head

Christmas Activity Ideas
+Face the Pie [gummy letters to unscramble hidden inside whipped cream in a pie plate]
+Traffic Yam [race your yam across the floor pushing it with a spoon held in your mouth]
+Make magnetic goo
+Make brownie Christmas trees
+Marshmallow Pick Up [with chopsticks, minute to win it]
+Name that Christmas Tune

Weekend Sharing:
Apple Pear Sauce
The weeks go marching one by one. Not hurrah. We haven't made any applesauce yet this year and it might be too late. We need to finish unpacking and organize the garage and then? Maybe? #somuchtodo

Cross Country Skiing in Our Area
We really don't want to miss out on sunny day sliding on smooth cold snow. This is a very helpful list of spots to do just that. With downhill skiing on our list too...we're going to have to use every bit of each weekend! #snacksinthecar #gearattheready

Eating | Lots of Bartlett pears. Yum.
Enjoying | My morning walks -- first and early with my husband, then with the kids on their way to school.
Listening to | Shane and Shane Radio on Pandora.
Thankful for | Sunny days after much rain. Smiling Kindergarteners who sing with me.
Reading | Um, nothing right now. But I want to read Osa and Martin: For the Love of Adventure and fill my mind with wanderlust once more.
Pinning | This cute gift idea -- rocks painted for tic-tac-toe.
Anticipating | This week's Survivor episode!! What a great season so far!