Holidaying and Trying to Have Fun | Weekending

If you know how excitable I am in June at the prospect of freedom in the form of flip-flops and a full tank of can imagine my lackluster approach to winter clothing bondage and busy schedules. September hits like a ton of bricks and I'm still crawling out from underneath, trying to pile them into a structure that works for me.

I literally feel like I blinked and the leaves were yellow and then gone, blinked again and there was a full blanket of snow on everything. We had one amazing bike ride on a Monday after school and one brief experiment with rollerblades...and the rest of the days just blur together. I'm trying to walk the kids to school as often as I can. I'm trying to put kiddo dates on the calendar every other week. Because for me to feel like life is lived well -- it can't blur. It needs to be one beautiful in-focus memory after another, snapshots of joy and love and togetherness. I thank Instagram for helping me with this. And now, this blog post to help me remember the fun times I am trying desperately to create.

Final thought: How to persuade these dear boys that [fill in the blank] is fun? That carrots are good and water is cleansing and sleep is important and snowshoeing is something to ENJOY? They are growing up. They just don't want to do all the things. #battleslately
Weekend Sharing: 
24 Self Care Practices for Mothers -- Always a necessary reminder for me. I keep getting burned out.

Just Color -- A plethora of very cute coloring pages to download and print.

Eating | Planning to throw together some granola. Yum. And maybe some of this favorite bread.
Enjoying | How the world glows whiter with a blanket of snow.
Listening to | Jazz for Kids
Thankful for | Dads who take their boys skiing and let mommy stay home to collect her thoughts.
Reading | Not sure if reading blogs counts, cause I'm actually just drooling at photos like these.
Pinning | How to cut snowflakes. Yes, this should be helpful!
Anticipating | Summer? : / OK, um...yeah, I'm horrible at this. #survivewinter