Deception Pass and Hiawatha | Weekending

APRIL was intense!! It took probably ten days or more for me to feel like myself again after Spring Break #stomachbug #sotired. I spent much of my free time working on this video for New Reality International as well as other presentation materials for marketing purposes.

MAY weekends have all been busy with friends and family. I celebrated my birthday at Rosario over by Deception Pass and the sun was such a welcome guest!! Pete celebrated his birthday with a grilled cheese cake! And we spent a couple days in Idaho, riding the Route of the Hiawatha with Grandma and Grandpa.

JUNE/JULY/AUGUST is going to be absolutely nuts and I don't know when I'll have time to blog!! Last few days of school, waterslides, campmeeting, trip to the Philippines, family reunion, trip to East Coast, another campmeeting, camping with friends near Bend...and then gearing up for the school year to begin again. Why are there so few weeks in summer?

I have this in-between feeling, this tension of tired from doing fun stuff and anxious to do more fun stuff. We've got a booked up summer and I want to make sure there's down time...but I'm afraid we'll be up more than down. I'll be soaking in any moments in the hammock and hopefully sleeping in airplanes!

Eating | STRAWBERRY trifle #wowie
Enjoying | My hammock
Listening to | This episode of the Simple Show
Thankful for | Kids who can safely swim in the pool
Reading | At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider
Pinning | Growth mindset poster and this straw oboe idea
Anticipating | Only six more teaching days for me #notsoonenough