So Much Skiing | Monthly Wrap

Our weather has been REALLY up and down. Super warm beginning of the month and then pretty cold again middle to end. Which puts us at the playground and biking/scootering the loop trail, then SKIING our tails off. Pete and Buzz went skiing every Friday in February as part of their school winter sports program. Pair that with Sundays and sometimes Mondays and we are getting decent use out of our season passes. YESSIR. #sorelegs

Life for the 5th and 3rd graders has smoothed out considerably. If Ezra will just remember to finish and turn in his handwriting pages [he's doing better]!! Pete has fallen in love with new music composition software [FLAT] and wishes there were more hours in the day to code with embed and compose music and beats.

However, life for the mommy has been turbulent after interviewing for a 2nd grade classroom job, not being chosen, and the subsequent tears and self-doubt. I graduated with teaching certification THIRTEEN years ago and have yet to teach in a classroom full time for a whole year. I keep telling myself that my time has not come and it WILL come eventually. It's just been a little hard on my ego. But I know God is still writing my story. ❤️
February is the month for planning summer travel -- prioritizing destinations, settling on dates, reserving campsites, scoping out trails and places to eat. I LOVE trip planning. My husband? Not so much. Hopefully I know my people well enough by now to keep all of us happy. :)

Because he knew I was planning summer trips, he decided to tell me about my birthday present and I'm EXCITED!!! He got me an inflatable stand-up paddleboard!! Now we won't need to rent an SUP on our Utah trip! And you know I'm thinking about places we can hike into to paddle on alpine lakes...
Valentines Day was sweet -- we hiked up Saddle Rock and ate fancy cheese and crackers together. And chocolate. And drank Martinellis. #ourstyle

And Buzz has been wishing and asking and thinking about dogs and cats, so we went to the Humane Society to see who he could love. Starting in April, he might be able to volunteer there as a cat snuggler or dog walker. #nopetsforus
Eating | so many oranges and grapefruits! #tistheseason And rhubarb stuff! #emptythefreezer
Enjoying | I've gotta say hot showers. After skiing especially.
Listening to | the Circle Round podcast with the kids in the car
Watching | little bits of the Olympics #figureskating #skiing #snowboarding #notcurling
Thankful for | sweet boys that say "goodnight" without a fuss #improvement
Reading | A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Pinning | Wanderlusting about Michigan
Anticipating | Our ski vacation to Brundage

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