Kanarra Creek Slot Canyon | Southwest Utah

Pulling into the parking lot after driving for MUCHO hours was a happy occasion!! Not hard to find, just take Old US 91 to Kanarraville and look for 100 North St. You'll need to part with $10 to park near the trailhead, but there are potties and a foot washing station.

Do you think my boys were excited to get out and hike for 3.5 miles? They certainly didn't say so, but I think deep down....deeeeeep down.... a momma can hope. They looked like they were having fun at least part of the time...
I had a BLAST, of course. It was 70+ degrees, sunny, and I absolutely love hiking in creeks, even if they are toe-numbing. The canyon was pretty narrow and the waterfall was neato. I highly recommend for people who like a hike with perks. #waterfall #creekhiking #slotcanyon

If you're already in St. George hanging out, come up to Kanarra Creek, it'll be fun. :)

You can find more info here, with better photos than mine...

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