Willis Creek Slot Canyon | Cannonville, UT

I'm going to wrap up our #springbreak recap with this post featuring the Willis Creek Slot Canyon. To reach the trailhead you must drive a few miles on dirt, but when we were there [April] the road was very well maintained. The trailhead is pretty obvious, with parking on the right just before a creek crossing. As you can see from the photos, the canyon walls are really high in places, the creek was fun to jump across, and there's a really neato waterfall/swimming hole [last pic].

The boys motivated each other by creating a don't-step-in-the-water-or-you-lose-a-heart game. And of course by eating half a bag of chips. :-/
Trip Details:
Drive to the little town of Cannonville and stop at the best BLM Visitor's Center I've ever been to. #sofriendly They will tell you whether or not it's a good time to drive out to Willis Creek. And probably give you some other helpful advice too. Grab a map of the region -- soooo many other cool places to visit in this area. #grandstaircase For more specifics, check out this post!

This was our last real adventure before driving AAAALLLL the way back home [we attempted Zebra slot, but too late discovered it was 3 miles to the opening of the canyon and bailed]. It is always so much fun to explore and there's never enough time, but so long, farewell for now. #weloveutah

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