Away and then Home | Monthly Wrap

April has not been without its crazy, but was over-all a very fun month. We started strong with fun time together in the car [#haha #roadtrip] and adventuring around Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Both boys have recently made stronger connections with friends at school, visiting their homes for play dates and bonding over Rubix cubes. And awesome people from Walla Walla came to visit us for some spring skiing! They slept outside in this cluster of hammocks!
As with most places, Horseshoe Bend was cool, but blown way out of proportion in my mind. I probably could have taken a better photo with a tripod and less caution, but I'm good. I've been there...along with the other five hundred people visiting that evening. 

I think the only place that was more awesome than I thought it was going to be was Yosemite National Park and only because the first time I saw Half Dome was at night, silhouetted among stars. It really was magical. 

Eating | Tim bought me a Magnum ice cream bar because I keep salivating over the commercials... :p
Enjoying | MOUNTAIN BIKING #tistheseason
Listening to | Lots of Adventures in Odyssey episodes with the kids and some really good Ted Radio Hour episodes
Watching | SURVIVOR #ghostisland #lovingit
Thankful for | So thankful for the freedom we have to adventure and play outside.
Reading | I'm re-reading "How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus" #thanksmom
Pinning | So many ideas for the classroom!
Anticipating | Paddle boarding on the ocean next weekend!

Our family film this month is long, but fun if you want to see #springbreak snapshots and then a little bit of other excitement from April. :) I'm guessing the grandparents will get through all five minutes...