June Update Short and Sweet | Monthly Wrap

It's already July 6 and the June train has left the station. I need to real quick put up something to hold time. So, short and sweet!! Family film will have to come later...  I taught my last music class at Lincoln Elementary and returned my keys. Happy to be moving onward and forward to 5th grade!!

Buzz turned NINE and I posted this growing up collage on Facebook. What a special and amazing kid. We love him!!
We spent a few glorious days in Canada, north of Vancouver, B.C. I had never visited the Sunshine Coast. It did not disappoint. #mtbiking #kayaking #sunshine

But first, we hit up Lynn Canyon for the suspension bridge and the crystal clear water and the big rocks. A good spot to play!

I think the hammocks and the ferry were the kids' favorite things. They enjoyed pieces of our mountain biking adventures and not really so much the paddling in the ocean. I enjoyed ALL of it. Except their intermittent whining. 

We slept one night in an AirBNB treehouse! It was small and had giant ants, but it was unique!! 
Not pictured: TWO FULL DAYS spent painting my new classroom. And then many more mornings and afternoons copying and printing and laminating and lesson planning!! So much to do and only three weeks of summer to get er done!

Eating | Lots of fresh raspberries and blueberries from the garden!!
Enjoying | Bike rides on warm early mornings
Listening to | The Wild Robot Escapes audiobook with the kids!
Watching | Instagram stories is about it...
Thankful for | Kids that are adjusting to summer randomness
Reading | Everything You Need to Know to Ace Middle School Science ;)
Pinning | These posters that mean a lot to me from TPT #petpeeves
Anticipating | Another Canada camping trip coming up...