Just Putting a Bow on NOVEMBER | Monthly Wrap

Turning off Daylight Savings Time is always lots of fun. Especially when daddy has to work through the middle of the night calming grumpy computers. We spent a few hours at the library to give him peace and quiet at home. It's so cute how Ez crosses his legs. Our library is the BEST.
Tim and I successfully left the country for Thanksgiving break -- just the two of us! That hasn't happened for awhile. We flew to Amsterdam, then continued on to Portugal. We stayed in hostels and an AirBnb, rented a car for three days and used public transportation for the rest. I decided to buy a new backpack to help me pack REALLY LIGHT for this trip. I didn't take much at all and it was so freeing to be able to explore cities on trains, etc. without a heavy load.
His favorite = the coal power plant museum and the electric scooters along the waterfront
Her favorite = our first AirBNB experience biking with Jorge along the Portuguese coastline!
We found a street vendor selling pita bread, hummus, fresh feta, olives, etc. and have since decided this was the best food of the entire trip. With the pasteis de nata being a close second. YUM.
We enjoyed very unique cheese samples in Amsterdam -- coconut, pesto, fenugreek, garlic, cumin, and lavender to name just a few. I had to take some photos of tiny cars, canals, and rooftops and we shared a stroopwaffel. :)
The weather in Lisbon was just FANTASTIC for the end of November. We had a couple rainstorms, but explored castles, palaces, walled cities and beaches with blue sky and sunshine overhead. What a gorgeous part of the world!! We loved it here.
I cannot recommend the TRAM 28 experience that it seems everyone online is raving about. We boarded at the beginning of the route and hoped to experience a street view tour of Lisbon, but within two stops, the interior had filled to the point of explosion, which is what happened at the next stop. We couldn't handle the pressure anymore and exploded out the back door. They are cute little trolleys and I imagine if you had a place to sit, the ride would be more pleasant. We gave up and left Lisbon with things still on our list to see. Oh well.

Eating | European chocolate
Anticipating | Making plans for spring break and summer ;)  
Reading | CS Lewis Space Trilogy
Thankful for | Piles of fresh snow only a 25 minute drive from home