In Which We Try to Have Fun in the Winter | Insta-Lights

We live in a cold place. Actually, there were several weekends in January that were warm enough to get our bikes out on the loop trail! That was a happy surprise. Then the temps dropped below 20 degrees for over a week and THEN, the snow started to fall. February has been a very wintery month so far.

We have stir-crazy kids. Actually, Pete is quite happy to be making films and writing songs and cubing, etc. The cold doesn't seem to bother him. Daddy has plenty of things to occupy his time indoors as well. Buzz and I are less content with being indoors. Some of us have skied ten times so far in 2019! I haven't been up as many times as the boys because I have been stationed at the rock climbing gym with 6-12th grade students for our six Fridays termed "Winter Activities Days".

Honest truth = I feel like we don't have as much fun as we used to! Yes, we're skiing, but otherwise, not much of our lives is photo-worthy or memorable. I think I always get discouraged in the middle of winter. I'm too close to giving up
though. Giving up on photos, video, blog posts... I need to forge on.


Get a better walking habit and start going to Jazzercise again for the core strength.
Breakout the YouTube playlists and listen to music more often.
Try try try to revive my journaling habit.
Figure out how to have FUN with kids that want to do their own thing all the time.