A Trip Down Memory Lane or Coping Mechanisms During Quarantine

Usually around this time of year we are unpacking from an adventure and my mind is racing through where I'd love to go next. I wouldn't call myself an escapist, but there is something so exhilarating about flying the coop and exploring beyond the normal routines. I just love seeing new perspectives and widening my realm of experience. That's just it -- I really crave experiences. And when those experiences are shared with my favorite people? It's a home run. 

I'm sooo fortunate to have hit many home runs over the years. This post represents just a handful of amazing trips with my dearest people. There are many more photos where these came from and I'm really thankful for that. How blessed are we? Even if we never get to explore again, we have had a good run. What a gorgeous planet we live on and how good it is to be together. 

Maybe I'm not all the way through the stages of grief, but acceptance feels good today. 
Enjoy this trip down memory lane with me. #cutekids #funplaces