We Survived the Fourth Quarter | The Month of May 2020

This quarantined, distance learning lifestyle really has felt like something to survive. I don't feel like any of us have thrived without the face to face relationships that school used to provide. We get on our screens as soon as we finish eating breakfast, take a brief break for lunch, and we continue to be dialed in until too late in the afternoon. Less talking, more chatting. Less standing, more sitting. Less rewarding, more annoying!

This is our last week of academic work, so I think it's safe to say we survived. I'm sure we have all learned important lessons along the way, so probably a couple years from now, we'll be thankful for this time. I have seen a lot more of my oldest child, so that's something!

Goal Update: I did ten mountain bike rides and feel pretty good about that! It's really nice to have the Sage Hills trail so close by! I did not plan Thanksgiving yet [*cry face*] or update my photo frame [not enough new photos yet...need at least 25 to print]. So I'll keep working on that in June. Part of the problem is the Covid Blur...it just feels like all the days are exactly the same! I need to try that much harder to find things to photograph that make life feel distinct and worthwhile. Like this haircut!! That was worthwhile.
The boys have enjoyed a couple swims together and mostly pestify each other the whole time. They still don't consider each other "friends", but at least they can have a blast fighting. 

Tim, Peter and I all got a year older this month. I made Peter bad brownies and burnt perogies. I think Tim got pizza along with his applesauce on pancakes? Not for the same meal.. I made burritos and strawberry shortcake for my birthday. #covidbirthdayclub #coronablur 

So now that we've "survived", how will we handle the summer months? I'm not sure. I'm really nervous about it. I will probably make a few checklists that we don't follow. Wish us luck. :) 

June Goals: 
Get Pete and Buzz out biking ten times this month 
Add at least three healthier meals to our lives, that the kids will actually eat 
Put twenty photos on Instagram!