August Without Complaining | August 2020

Probably the best practice here would be bullet points.

+ Meetings
+ We plan for in person teaching, with a bazillion safety precautions + then DOH says nope to that
+ We pivot again and plan to teach remotely
+ I spend many hours thinking and researching about better ways to teach online
+ And then recording lots of videos for the first week of "school"

And all this while my boys entertained themselves for the last two weeks of summer. Which didn't look that much different from the ways they entertained themselves for the other nine weeks of summer. #stayhomestayhealthy

Some highlights: 

We made applesauce.
We camped at Priest Lake with friends.

We played some disc golf.
We biked at Squilchuck [but not five times, I don't think].
We played in rivers.

And we took first day of school pictures [On the first day! WOW!]. 

The pictures help, don't they? 

All is not lost. The world feels like it has tipped over sometimes, but lots of things are still right-side-up. I'm thankful for my dear husband and sweet sons and for our house and neighborhood and school and my new Crocs sandals. 

And even though I'm publishing this half-way through a whirlwind, smoke-storm of a September, it's okay. The days come and go, usually much too quickly, but I'm glad for each one of them. I'm especially glad for the hugs and kisses of my eleven-year-old. We'll get through all of this together. 

Should I set goals for a month that's half gone? When smoke hangs low over the valley and the river? 

September Goals: 
1) Get outside when you can and take your family with you
2) Try not to work all your Sundays
3) More hugs and kisses