We Finished Something Hard | June 2021

We have celebrated a graduation this year! The oldest one finished elementary school! I'm afraid to say something like, "We've finished pandemic schooling!" but we can hope things are headed back to something more normal. I'm actually not easily remembering how I used to teach! I know we had flexible seating [beanbags, patio chairs, exercise balls, etc.], but many of the small details escape me. Hopefully I'll be able to remember and implement the best things before school starts in August! 

We have had some epic mountain bike rides this spring! Thanks for joining us Sonny and Zack! Also, daddy started double bouncing the Buzz on the trampoline and making him go very HIGH. And some of us jumped in the pool quite early in the season, probably before it was prudent!! 

We have all grown a year older and now we have 14 and 12 year old boys! Ezra finished a 20 mile bike ride, keeping up with us big people! Peter started his first [dream] job, working for the IT director! And Ezra is looking forward to his second flight lesson with Grandpa! We are all so blessed. 

And what will be our future? 

Peter will soon be collecting high school credits as he works his way toward college entrance requirements. I'm hoping to have my best year teaching fifth grade [as the first one was well, the first, and the second and third were both thrown off by Covid-19]. Ezra plans to participate in every middle school sport available and hopefully be able to keep his grades up as well. 

This summer, we plan to drive through 20 states on our most epic road trip yet! I'm going to try to get their picture with every "Welcome To ________" sign we can find! 

And we'll keep doing hard things! My creative juices feel nearly dried up at the moment, but hopefully they will return at some point. For now, this post will be pretty basic, as a means of catching up. 

So. Are we good? Love you all. :) Cheers to SUMMER.