Springing Forward | June 2022

I'm sorry my last post was a downer! It was a hard school year for me. I'm grateful for supportive coworkers and administrative staff and for family members who are very patient with me when I'm struggling! 

Fortunately, things did get better. 

I think a fun place to pick up the story would be SPRING BREAK 2022!! Peter and I were able to join the CCA high school team on a trip to Hawaii where we helped out with some maintenance projects at Camp Wai'anae. It was perfect timing for some relaxation and some FUN. Peter and I had a blast! 

We came back from Hawaii to a giant snowstorm and a pretty unusually cold/rainy spring. I chaperoned two more school trips [Outdoor School and Advanced Band Tour], keeping me very busy for the last couple months of school. Tim and I enjoyed a couple bike rides and Peter has been really inspired to try out my DSLR camera. He's getting some great shots with the macro lens [follow him on Instagram @pkcubed]! We made it to graduation and celebrated [barely] all the birthdays [Ezra's is tomorrow!]. 

Sorry it took me almost four months to update you all. What a whirlwind of a life! Hopefully I'll be able to rest up this summer and strengthen my life priorities for the next school year. The kids have been requesting homemade bread and scones [remember when I baked?]! 

First, a quick trip to Alaska to experience the summer solstice in Fairbanks... 

Then home again for some cooking, baking, home repairs, and just one college class. ;) We're also looking forward to our annual mother/son trip to Priest Lake and Silverwood and the Abbotsford Airshow [celebrating 60 years!]. It's going to be a nice summer. 

Love to all! Hugs and prayers.