Making Lists | September 2022

My students' journal writing assignment last week was to write a list...whatever was on their mind at the time. I gave some examples [things I love, things I'm afraid of, places I want to visit, things I'm grateful for, etc.]. They inspired me to make some lists of my own: 

Things I loved about Alaska: 

  • The mountains coming up out of the ocean and meeting the sky = so pretty
  • Seeing fireweed's such a gorgeous flower
  • BEST was watching the sunset turn into sunrise without any darkness
  • Being out on the water, watching for whale tails

Things I'm thankful for: 

  • I'm in my comfort zone teaching literature and language classes 
  • Fall is one of the best seasons for bike rides
  • Ezra joined the varsity soccer team and gets to hang with friends at practice
  • I get to spend Thanksgiving break exploring San Diego with a fun friend
  • Ezra is getting used to his braces and they don't hurt so much anymore

Books I want to read: 

  • Orange for the Sunsets
  • Towers Falling
  • Books 2-4 of the City of Ember series
  • Thirst
Places I want to visit in San Diego: 
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Sunset Cliffs Cave
  • Spreckels Organ [largest fully outdoor pipe organ in the world]
  • La Jolla Cove
Reasons our summer was fun: 

  • Priest Lake was gorgeous as always
  • The Abbotsford airshow was incredible
  • I survived a 120 mile bikepacking trip
  • Camp Mivoden was a blast for everyone [Ezra tried paintball!]

Our character trait at school this month is OPTIMISM. It's a good one for the beginning of the year. I do feel really hopeful for this school year! I love my middle school team and the classes I'm teaching. I'm excited for Ezra and Peter -- they're going to have more fun this year than ever before, I think. 

Cheers to 2022 finishing strong!!