Soooo Many Changes This Summer

Where did that summer go??? :) It definitely FLEW by [literally and figuratively]!! I've been flying more than ever now that I work for Alaska Airlines, both to trainings and just for fun! Here's a little list to help me remember what we did this summer: 

June 9 -- Last day of my teaching contract
June 11 -- Flew to SEA/PDX to train for my new job
June 26 -- Peter started college classes online [summer quarter]
July 1-4 Bike trip on Vancouver Island
July 15/16 Flew to LAX to see Dude Perfect!
July 28-31 Denver/Boulder solo trip 
August 12-28 Costa Rica solo trip for Spanish immersion classes
September 1-3 Quick family trip to Idaho
September 4-14 Continued training for my new job in Seattle + a quick trip to RDU/Virginia Beach
September 18-21 Training part three in Spokane!!
September 25 Peter started fall quarter in person at WVC

I do love getting out on the water!! We took BC Ferries out to Vancouver Island, I was able to ride a boat through the river canals in Tortuguero National Park and a catamaran over to Turtle Island [Costa Rica], I got out on Alta Lake with my paddleboard, and took two quick ferries, one over to Vashon Island and one from Norfolk to Portsmouth, Virginia! 

MOVING on just about any form of transportation [bike, car, scooter, bus, train, boat, plane, rickshaw, etc.] makes me a very happy girl! I like to feel the wind in my hair and simply sense that I'm going somewhere. Hiking comes in as a very close second favorite activity [if I'm not riding something faster to get somewhere]. My new job aligns with this pretty well! 

It's an interesting stage of life for us all as both teenagers are learning to fend for themselves [food, hygiene, laundry]. Actually, I think it's better when I'm away for these little bits, so I don't swoop in and do things for them. But when I'm home, you can bet I'm throwing reminders around -- "Did you fill your water bottle?" "Do you have enough food in your backpack for the day?" "Is your Chromebook charged?" "Did you take your vitamins?" :) I probably should quit it with the reminders, but I'm afraid things get forgotten otherwise... The house was quite a mess when I returned from my Costa Rica adventure!! 

I could probably just travel for the pure personal enjoyment, but I've also been trying to launch a side hustle [Near and Far Adventures], which just involves photos, videos, blogs, and social media about my travel destinations. I hope it's helpful to someone, or just entertaining... You are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel, bookmark my blog, and come follow me on Instagram! I'd love to connect! 

This is my most recent video about my trip to North Carolina and Virginia!! I still have so much to learn about filming and editing videos, but I think the only way to get better is to practice, so thanks for putting up with my learning curve. 

So, here we are -- I will continue with on the job training at the airport, working the early morning and noon shifts. Peter is taking some pretty hard classes [Calculus + Physics], but also some fun classes [Electronics and Music/Audio Tech]. Ezra is planning to play soccer and basketball and participate in track and field [and of course, go to his freshman classes too ;)]. Tim is probably planning a bike trip to some undisclosed location, and I'll jump on a plane with any vacation time I get! 

I feel an enormous sense of relief at not being in the classroom anymore, but my experiences there have definitely prepared me for my new role #patience #doublecheckdetails #customerservice. I am so thankful that "being nice" actually serves me well in my new job! I've already received compliments from passengers who are grateful for my help and that's very rewarding. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the summer, but if you want more details about any of my summer destinations, check out my new travel blog:!! :) Cheers!!