right now

tonight i'm just sitting here squinting at the computer screen, feeling the heavy physical tiredness of muscles and every-piece-of-me, yet unwilling to slip beneath the sheets just yet. i'm wanting to remember it all, what they say, how they look, things we do. i'm wanting to tell the stories in a way that stimulates all the senses, so you can imagine you were right there too.

cause, you guys -- i rode the teeter-totter up, up, up this weekend and i didn't want to come down. i stood up, right there on the top and took in the view. i smiled. i laughed. i felt so incredibly relieved that i could enjoy being on top, not over-stimulated, just happy. and so i thought to myself, what makes the difference? what magic has been wrought here that my eyes are smiling and my breathing is deep and relaxed?

two things.

one -- we spent our hours with friends who enjoy things we love, who laugh with us, who created more beauty just by being there. not a whole crowd of friends, no. just one family. and we all get along. kids taking a notepad and a camera and drawing a map with markers and taking photos of important details. kids scrambling up rocks and through water and finding treasure in the woods, amid the mosses. dads taking the kids on adventures for a day while the moms enjoyed thrift stores and outlets and slowly-eaten food and meaningful conversation.

two -- we spent our hours with nature, maybe the best kind of nature there is -- luscious green, water-fall-fed rivers, low clouds in the morning, yellow sky in the evening, the air exhaling its freshest breath mixed with the sweet smoke of another campfire. we experienced nature's chilling waters, soft mossy rocks, and dusty steep gotta-get-down-somehow hills. there is something sacred and for me, incredibly rejuvenating about the river walking, the trail hiking, the dipping under waterfalls.

the weekend left me physically tired, but emotionally full. so now my job is to remember how that happened and make it happen again sometime. :)

laughing at::
these two moms at the park today, who after a small dialogue with buzz {i couldn't hear what was said, but it looked pleasant} said jokingly to each other "it's always the red-headed ones who are the bullies, just like on tv". as they were walking right by me, oblivious that i'm that red-head's mom. i giggled, cause he does have a temper and likes to sound really intense sometimes and he probably said something to them like "YOU CAN'T COME ON MY SHIP" but he's not being a bully, just buzz. AND, then i nearly peed my pants when pete comes to me asking if he can to make his own music {sure, son, of course!} but it needs to be hip-hop in fact. {hmmmm}

settling in to a slower way of life where i really really don't need to prove anything or try so hard to measure up. the best way i can describe how it feels is settling.

food in the house:: 
not much, since we were away all weekend. but i came back with ten cans of thick coconut cream from trader joes. an experiment, since walmart isn't carrying my favorite coconut milk anymore {golden star}. and i'm trying their wheat/corn combo tortillas. we had a quesadilla for lunch and it was interesting. pretty decent. just different. now to try a burrito. but tomorrow is hummus and pita day and we do have that in the house. so might as well eat it.

tonight's storytime was mythbusters, per the kids request. we watched them create chain reactions and there was smoke, fire, rockets, and falling bowling balls so my boys were very happy. watching them watch was the most fun.

tired of::
my eyelids drooping. just be patient, already...i'll go to sleep soon. it's only eight o'clock.

not sure. i finished another really good one last week, and i'm not sure i'm gonna like the next one in cue, although it's by the same author so that's promising{?} maybe. but i kinda feel like nonfiction would be a good change for right now. nurtureshock is sitting in my pile to be read...it's just a bit heavy. maybe i'll do some wading tomorrow.

surprised by::
how easy it is to style my hair this new way. shake like a dog. let air dry half-way. blow-dry with the diffuser while scrunching. curl about eight ringlets all the way around. don't mess with it too much. totally natural and touchable, which i love.

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