Real Life | To Have Priorities

This morning I tidied up the house, cleaned the garbage out of the car, and took photos of the vegetable pot pie before we ate it all up. The sun came streaming through the windows and I had to remind myself that washing the windows isn't one of my top priorities and to let it go.

That's my word for the year -- priorities. Or prioritize if you want a verb.

The feeling of knowing what you want out of life and moving toward it with all of yourself...that's what I want. The holiday season had me a little flustered, thinking about all the things I could be {should be?} doing. Cookies for the neighbors, cards for the family, garlands, wreaths, treats, presents, caroling, and there was more. I wasn't sure what I wanted. What we wanted, as a family.

We ended the season on the right foot, feeling rested and rejuvenated from our time spent in that little cabin in the woods and knowing afresh what we love best and what we want more of in life. I'll bet you can guess what that is and it's not sponsored by Hallmark or Pillsbury. #morelikerei

Buzz has added a new phrase to his repertoire of cute-isms -- "of course not!" I like how that sounds. Like he's really sure about it. Like he's surprised you would even ask. Like he knows what he wants.

Hebrews 11:1 says "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." NIV

It's kinda the same. :) We've got heaven in our sights and make other life decisions based on that focus. We avoid things that would distract us from that goal. And similarly we're not so distracted by all the great ideas on Pinterest and all the cool things other people are doing, because we're already busy doing the things we love. We've decided what we want out of life and we don't need to stress about the rest.

So do I plan to wash the windows? Of course not! ;) But it will probably cross my mind again the next time the sun shines...

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