On My Mind + November Goals

There are just a few things on my mind:

+ Can painting a whole house just get done faster already? :-/ Also, painting ceilings? Youch. #sorearm #chronicallyunfinished #otherfunthingstodo

+ Blog re-design can send me into a frantic must-fix-the-whole-crazy-thing-before-anyone-sees-it frenzy. And I'm having to take a deep breath and admit I have not the foggiest clue why things are wonky and I'll probably wake up one morning this week with the answer, but as for now -- it will remain wonky.

+ I'm so so so happy to be taking more photos with my Canon T3i and 35mm lens lately. Instagram is convenient, but oh the loveliness of a 2.8 aperture on a crisp fall day. I had a good picture day today. It's kinda like a good hair day.

November goals to keep us intentional and on task:
{here are last month's goals if you're curious -- not all completed, but most}

For the blog...
+get ready to launch a new series for 2015 {#52adventures}
+discuss parenting outside our capacity and how private school is working well for us
+introduce new quilt and feature other fun Etsy products
+put together a daily life film

For our family...
+play hide and seek together and have lots of wrestle wars
+play apples to apples
+watch chip and dale cartoons
+have friends over to play capture the flag after dark

For me personally...
+finish reading The Gifts of Imperfection and enjoy book club with friends
+organize my wardrobe and add a couple warm weather pieces
+decorate the mantel for the holidays {kinda like this}
+sew up some more blankets for the shop