On My Mind + December Goals

A few things that are on my mind:

+ Florida. I wish it were closer. We have two weeks off for Christmas and sitting here inside this polar vortex seems cruel. I used to enjoy the cold and snow and ice more. I'm afraid my kids are being kinda wimpy too. #mustgetoutmore #ugggh

+ Hair. We get it cut and it's too short. Then it grows. It's the perfect length for about four days #slightexaggeration and then it's too long. #repeatcycle Mine is at a good length right now. #enjoyingwhileitlasts

+ Darkness. I seem to be noticing it more this year. We're either at school or it's dark. Good thing they have three recesses. I miss our mid-day adventures by the lake.

+ Exercise. My goodness. This time of year is rigged. Food+morefood+coldtemps+darkness-exercise=grumpy and lumpy. It would be a good time of year to swim laps. If I could get my cold self out of bed and over to the pool.

December goals to keep us intentional and on task:
{here are last month's goals if you're curious -- not all completed, but most}

For the blog...
+Playing catch up this month -- I have a list of post ideas as long as my arm.

For our family... [staycation for us this holiday, so lots of activity ideas]
+Christmas parade
+Ice skating with friends
+Make and decorate the annual gingerbread house with grandparents
+Make cookie cutter cookies together
+Sledding in the mountains
+Roller skating
+Make sticky buns and do a ding-dong-ditch

For me personally...
+Girls' night out with a friend
+Time to work on the bloggy-blog
+A movie night with my husband [he hasn't seen You've Got Mail yet!!]
+Maybe I'll have time to sew??????? *fingers crossed* #butnotatoppriority