Becoming a Teenager: Happy Birthday Buzz!!

Today is the day that our second son officially hits the teenage years!! What a milestone! Here we go with two teens in the house!!

At the risk of embarrassing him, I have to report that Ezra [Buzz] is the best at giving empathetic hugs and goodnight kisses. I will miss that the most when he's all grown up. He's a sweetie. 

He was born with a head of fiery hair and developed his fun personality [combination of feisty and loving] pretty quickly.

Birth stats: Born June 11 at 5:40pm weighing exactly 9 pounds and measuring 22 inches long.

He grew up pretty fast, having Peter to model and teach him everything he needed to know! He made tons of really cute faces and didn't mind getting kinda messy! He was biking on a regular bike [no training wheels ever, because of the strider bike] by the time he was three. I think he was driving the Jeep at age two and the electric motorcycle by age three or four. I know he was riding on the motorcycle with neighbor kids driving it while still wearing a diaper. He loves being on the move!! 

Here's the recap post on his first birthday and my message to him on his second birthday. I wrote another little note to him when he was almost four years old. 


Ready for a photo dump?? A TRIP down memory lane? Here we goo....

Dear Buzzing-rah, or just Buzzing or BUZZ, Ezzerra or just EZ, 

I didn't have any clue how much fun it would be to have you around. You bring the missing piece of energy to this family that we would be sadly lacking without you. You have been bee-bopping and hopping around since the beginning. We love you so much. 

Thank you for living up to the meaning of your name ["helper"] more and more each day. I have threatened to not let you turn thirteen before mastering the dishes, but then sometimes you surprise me by loading the dishwasher and tackling the hand-washing without being asked! You're gonna turn out okay. :) 

You made us proud as a member of the track and field team again this year! You have always had a super strong throwing arm and proved it in the turbo javelin event! Way to go! I'm impressed with your sprinting and baton handing-off skills too! You took your team to the finish line really well. I hope you find more opportunities to socialize in productive ways [athletic, academic, musical, spiritual]. Keep pushing for that stuff, okay? Your euphonium abilities have sky-rocketed this year in advanced band...I'm so glad you're holding the whole band together on songs like Low Rider. 

It's been fun to watch you make friends with the eighth graders this year. I'm glad you're figuring out how to be fun without being annoying... ; ) Matato is a good boy and I appreciate how nice he is to you. 

I love spending time with you, whether we're playing basketball or baseball in the house [yeah] or watching Instastories at the end of the day. I would say I love arm wrestling with you, but you're too strong for me now. Please don't break my arm off! 

I'm so glad you've been able to fly a bit more with Grandpa and I'm super impressed that you've already been able to take off and land the Luscombe. WOW. I'm excited to see where you'll go with flight training and what career you'll find. You are almost finished with ground school! Keep practicing with the flight simulator! 

I don't know how you are this old already. Thanks for not being too old to hold my hand and give me hugs and kisses. I hope you'll always have a blanket to wrap up in around the house. One day maybe you'll get your own place and then I'll come visit your cats! Please keep traveling with me and eating Oreos with me [you could stop finding all the treats that I've hidden around the house]! I love that now you tuck me in at bedtime instead of me tucking you in. Just remember to always brush your teeth! Lots of love [LOL] to you!! Mwah!