Happy Two

To my dear Ezra, who became Buzzra, who we now call affectionately, with a slight drawl -- Buzz:

Your morning shuffle, worn blue blanket in one hand, pillow pet in the other, never fails to make me smile. Your messy, curly red hair, your wrinkled nose, your high-pitched squeaky cry. I love it all.

The Pastor, at your dedication yesterday, talked about how your name means "helpful". True story -- you are eager to help put away toys, or take a cup of water to your brother, or empty the dishwasher, or help with the laundry. I have seen you empathize with crying people, looking at their eyes to see what is wrong. If someone looses a shoe, you hurry to help them put it back on. If your brother needs help pulling up his pants, you've been known to give it a go.

I'm sure you'll be mowing the grass for daddy in a few years. Helping comes naturally to you.

I love your faces. Who wouldn't?
You love water. Drinking it. Dumping it on my floor. And being sprayed with it. You are my water baby.
We've spent two wonderful years getting to know you, Buzz. And we're looking forward to many more.

As you blow out the candles, remember mama's wishes for you:
That you use your helpful gene for God -- serving with love.
That your friendly, outgoing nature will bless others and surround you with special friends.
That you'll be best friends with your brother through all of life.
That you learn to eat without making a mess.
That you never forget how loved you are.

Happy Two. We love you.