No End in Sight

I remember the all-time high that comes from finishing out a semester/quarter. The satisfaction of a job well done: closure, fulfillment, a pat on the back. It feels good to know you spent the last few months profitably and are that much closer to reaching your goals and dreams. You head home for Christmas on cloud nine, anxious to see family and friends and experience the joy of doing nothing at all. You look forward to the coming semester: a fresh start, new classmates, a chance to learn new things. But for now, you are living in the zone called "Vacation".

There are no such feelings when you are a parent. I'm not trying to depress you all and I wouldn't ever trade my life in for the life of a college student again, but it just hit me today that a little grand finale, high five, any sort of affirmation for a job well done would be nice. The life of a parent goes on and on without end, night and day, day and night, sleep or no sleep...forever!! No finals, no excitement over straight "A's", no certificate of acheivement. So different from what I'm used to. So, I think I will schedule dates over the next year to celebrate my accomplishments, whether they be obvious or not. I need to see something on the horizon -- right now I'm straining my eyes and all I see is prairie grass, rippling and swaying -- no end in sight.