I Ate Dirt Today

Yes, much to my horror -- I find my son drooling little dirt bits out the corner of his mouth. We had walked across the street to the park to spend some time crawling/exploring the grass. The neighbor's cat came to join us and Peter loves cats (and dogs). So, off he goes, crawling and squealing, towards the cat. Well, the cat was enjoying a good roll in the dirt and I neglected to follow Peter quite fast enough. I found him with his hands in the dirt, sucking on something. Oh no. It takes a bit of work to see what's in his mouth, so it wasn't without a fight that I finally got the little chunk of bark out of his mouth. Clean now -- he'd sucked all the dirt off of it. Well, guess I don't need to supplement minerals today!

I didn't capture the above incident on 'film', but here's a much cleaner pictoral representation of our afternoon outside.