27 Dresses

One of the few summer movies I've watched -- 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl. Who would ever be a bridesmaid 27 times? That's a lot of weddings. And a lot of friends!

She's the girl who never says 'no' and ends up with a very full schedule...always doing nice things for her friends. It's so funny to watch her trying to attend two weddings in one night -- back and forth with the taxi driver, changing dresses on the way.

I enjoyed watching the guy who sees through her (James Marsden) as he tries to work his way into her life. He's pretty cute! As Tim says "the key to winning a girl's heart is to be sure she's thinking about you all the time" and he definitely does this...whether it's positive or negative, he's in her thoughts!

There are a number of really great one-liners in this film -- enough to keep you chuckling. I liked it!