And the question everyone's asking...

"...Did he sleep?" YES!! It was a challenge at first (especially in the RV), but Peter managed to get a couple hours of sleep each day and an almost complete sleep each night. We finally realized that lying with him or rocking/singing to him were NOT going to work and we were just exhausted from it all.

At home, Peter puts himself to sleep in his crib, sometimes with a quick song and story. He'll settle down just as soon as we leave and close the door! So, we tried to replicate this on our trip by creating a spot he couldn't get out of (pillow barriers) and providing familiar comforting items (his favorite pillow with a "P" on it and his tiger), and then leaving the room! After a few minutes of moaning and groaning, he'd make himself comfortable and fall asleep!

Now, he did have a bit of a sleep debt and was very happy to be home! He's working on a 12 hour night right now!

Here's a picture of my babe taking a nap while in flight: