Finishing things...

Wow, this must have been a pretty productive week for us! We finished a lot of the things that had been hanging out on my list for what seemed like forever, and then some.

The garage is now *organized and there could be room for another freezer if we deem it necessary. Tim just finished edging the garden this afternoon -- another sigh of relief. Now, if we could just exterminate the crabgrass.

Also, I have finished planning and organizing a women's book club to start next month -- something I've been thinking about for awhile. It looks to be very fun and I think we'll learn a lot from each other. We'll be reading Kay Kuzma's book, "The First 7 Years".

I'm continuing to plow through my Algebra text, took a stab at sanding the chairs today (need more sandpaper), have plans to freeze more corn, am waiting for more peaches to ripen so I can process them, and I continue to read my 'Revolution' books.

You are probably wondering where Peter is! He's here!! We've been taking lots of trips to the park and he's getting better and better at entertaining himself while I work. He's been napping plenty lately too -- pushing 4 hours a day (two naps). While I write this he seems determined to contradict me, so I'll end this post here. :)

*I use the word loosely