I have just now finished listening to "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin". Books on CD are one of the nicest luxuries. I can enjoy the intellectual while at the same time busying myself with needed tasks such as freezing peaches, washing dishes, general cleaning/laundering, and best of all, playing with my son.

I should mention where I found this audio recording. It's a free service, providing access to books that are within the public domain (works published before 1923 and some others). It is called Librivox. You can volunteer to record books in your own voice (Tim has!), or just take advantage of the wide range of published works already recorded.

Not knowing much about Dr. Franklin previous to hearing this, his autobiography, I have been much enlightened. I didn't realize the whole of his discoveries, inventions, successes, and achievements. He wasn't born rich or famous, but ended his life in great ease and popular public opinion. He counts frugality and virtue, among many good works, to be the source of these benefits.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Benjamin Franklin's life and world views. I resonate with much of it and will carry these thoughts on with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this work to any interested reader.

Thus continues my study of the Revolutionary War and the people surrounding it.