To Post or Not To Post

It's hard to know sometimes whether to share news, or wait it out...just to be sure the news is still newsworthy. You know?? I've been holding off on saying anything about my newest endeavors, just because I'm not sure I'll stick with it. And I hate not sticking with it.

Anyway, I inquired about a request for a pianist to accompany an elementary school choir. Something I've done before and really enjoyed! My first day was yesterday, with the 5-8 choir. I really enjoyed being in the same room with all those confused adolescents -- watching where they would choose to sit and with whom, checking out their fashion statements, and assessing their general cooperativeness. At this point, I was glad to be safe behind the piano. *grin*

To make a small story even smaller, I seem to have chosen the wrong day to be away on vacation -- the same day as Dress Rehearsal for the Christmas Program. Don't get in the way of a choir teacher and her Christmas program. I also had to wake Peter up from his nap in order to take him over to my parents' house for an hour or so. He wasn't the happiest little boy for the rest of the day. I don't necessarily want to do that to him twice a week. So, we'll see what the outcome ends up being here...