Yikes! It's Wednesday already!?

Since Friday, we've been busy entertaining guests (Tim's parents and bro/sister-in-law), hanging out with others of the Kyle clan and attending a beautiful Portland wedding. Peter accrued a sleep debt of about 8 hours during this time and is doing his best to catch up right now. It's hard to keep a schedule when you're traveling!

Anyway, we had a great time, but on the drive home were thinking about fall and the upcoming holidays. August is the perfect time to reflect on summer and it's greatness, but also to look forward to things COOLING OFF and quieting down. I'm tired of the summer heat, yes! And I can think of a few things I want for Christmas...just kidding!

We came up with a list of goals/plans/ideas on that boring leg between Biggs and Pendleton:

1. We really need more exercise! Let's average an hour a day -- if we meet that goal, our prize will be a 22" LCD screen!

2. It would be a good idea to organize the garage, which means possibly getting a dining room hutch/cabinet for my dishes! We need another freezer to store the applesauce and peaches we plan to put up yet this summer, so we need to make room somehow. Selling a few things will be necessary.

3. Speaking of putting up food for the winter -- I really want to try freezing corn. It's so nice to have the real thing, rather than a can of Niblets. Think it's too hard for us?

4. This goal is more personal -- I want to learn more about US History, since I'm kinda lost if you ask me anything more than 8 years in the past (Bill Clinton, right?). I've decided to start with the American Revolution and read biographies of important people who played a part during that era. Maybe a history textbook would fill in some gaps for me as well. I'm not opposed to Historical Fiction either. Any suggestions to get me started?

5. We had such a great time visiting with Tim's bro and sister-in-law (my first siblings) that we'd like to go visit them in San Diego and have some more fun times. We're thinking maybe early November?? Before the crazy holiday rush...

6. And last but certainly very important -- edging the garden. We've begun this project and just need to get 'er done! Then maybe we'll think about putting in some raised beds.

How's that for a list?! It's helpful to have it in writing...now it's all about ACTION!