Natural Consequences

What a great concept. I stumbled upon this great blog today, (don't you love the title?) High-Heels And A Sippy-Cup! In my search for multimedia augmentation for tomorrow night's book club, I found an up-close parenting goldmine.

The idea behind parenting with natural consequences is basic. Adults have to deal with the results of their actions. Children should too. Sometimes a natural consequence is enough, freeing you from the challenge of deciding upon a punishment that fits the crime. I love her example of the son tracking dirt on the floor and having to sweep it up. Take a look at what she says in this post, I learned a lot already.

Do you think Peter learned anything from having to take a bath in his poo this morning? Don't be too alarmed, he waited until just before I was going to get him out to do the job...and so ended up with a shower as well. What a mess.