If You Hold My Hand

Peter and I went for a walk today. Without the stroller. Or the leash.

Tim has reported doing this successfully before and I thought it would be 'fun' to try. I give considerable honor and praise to my husband for teaching Peter the 'hold my finger' trick. He spent a good 20 minutes the other night training Peter in this area. "If you won't hold my finger while we walk, I will pick you up and carry you." Peter would MUCH rather walk than be carried, so this was an easy lesson to learn. Now he holds on tight and pulls mommy or daddy where he wants us to go instead of running off into the street (aaah!).

So off we went -- out of our subdivision, down the main road, up the hill into another housing development, past all sorts of heavenly roses, down the hill to the duck pond -- all the time holding my finger. Not until we were almost home did he become so painfully distracted that he couldn't walk in a straight line and I had to carry him the rest of the way. Pretty good for a 17-month-old, I think.

It reminds me of the children's book I gave Tim as a present while we were dating. "If You Hold My Hand" by Jillian Harker tells the story of a youngster who feels scared to do most things alone, but feels much more confident when his mother holds his hand. A cute story and a true description of human bonding.