Learning About America

I accomplished something BIG -- I finished reading a very thick book, not because I had to for a History class, but simply out of pure self-determination. I didn't even skim it. Well, maybe a couple pages...

But in general, and especially after about chapter 10 (setting the scene is never as interesting as the climax!), this book really captured my attention. I've been reading it every spare minute for the last couple weeks.

I have a whole new admiration for the brave and dedicated rebel troops who did the work of Independence. Freedom came at a great sacrifice for the families of this time period. We have a lot to be thankful for this time of year.

So now I feel I understand what happened in the bloody showdown between the rebel troops and the British regulars. How challenging it was to keep each soldier fed and clothed, let alone sheltered from the elements, during the months between battles. There really was less time spent fighting than I imagined and much more time spent trudging through mud, foraging for food, building bridges and repairing roads. Yet the time spent was tactical, since the British were being led farther inland, away from their source of supplies. The results were in our favor when Burgoyne ultimately had to surrender and be led back to England. What an amazing story.

I have a couple more books to read about the American Revolution and then I'll be moving on to the War of 1812.