T is for Trust

Are you guilty of 'smother-love'? This was a new concept to me. I'm learning a lot from Chapter 12 in The First Seven Years by Kay Kuzma.
Becoming successfully independent depends on good decision making. But learning to make good decisions takes practice. An early start in decision making is essential so that by the time children reach the legal age for "adult" decision-making, they're well skilled in this art. Here are two general principles to guide you as parents as you guide your children toward maturity. First, don't do for your children something that would boost their feelings of self-confidence if they were to do it for themselves. And second, don't make decisions for your children if they are capable of making them and learning from the consequences.
Some examples were: carrying a child who can walk, feeding a child who can feed himself, or speaking for a child who can express herself.
When children know other people trust them, they tend to trust themselves. As children try and succeed, their self-confidence grows. As they become more self-confident, they attempt more things, and the more they do, the more they learn.
Good stuff, eh? Thought you might like it...