Last Day for a November Post

It's early in the morning and I'm trying to keep Peter occupied (the early riser) so everyone else can get a few more winks of sleep. Glad he's sleeping well, even if he is up early this morning. He's a good kid, playing so well with everyone, being patient with all the traveling, just being way better than I had even hoped.

Thanksgiving dinner #3 was really yummy -- mmm, those mashed potatoes were my favorite. Unfortunately, that was the last meal I was able to keep in my stomach. Since then, I've been losing everything else I try to eat. What to blame?? Well, not sure what's going on with me, but charcoal has seemed to settle things down a bit. If I eat really bland food like yoghurt/popcorn it seems to stay with me. I'm hoping it's a passing thing. ;) Tim kinda feels lousy too, so maybe we ate something bad at the airport.

Peter enjoyed the beach...after a first, the sand felt weird on his feet and the water was cold! He later enjoyed digging/being buried/throwing sand much to mommy's chagrin. But he had fun and that's what counts, right? He's been the star of the show all weekend.

Lots more fun coming up! Hope we feel well enough to enjoy it! Happy last day of November!