Life slows way down for me when the snow is falling softly to the ground. It's peaceful. And mesmerizing. I find myself just staring out the window, almost in an empty box, but not quite. Women just can't think about nothing! With the rhythmic music of Jim Brickman in the background, however, I come very close. What a quiet, soft stillness on a winter day.

I've been putting off this post, hoping to come up with something really interesting for my 501st post. Five hundred posts is a lot. A lot of life to document. Lots of love and joy to share. I could write about Levi's Jeans and how dangerously tight 501's are. I looked up where area code 501 could be found -- Arkansas. Never been there.

There are plenty of places I haven't been -- lately I've been thinking about Hawaii and Mexico. Wonder why?? Flip-flops and swimming suits are buried deep in plastic green buckets, hibernating for the next five months or so. They wouldn't want to be disturbed. I'll be mopping up wet, muddy tile and trying to keep track of mittens and toques. What a job that is, and I only have two boys to corral so far!

Well, here's to my next 500 posts!! May they be filled with just as much happiness as the last 500. It's not Thanksgiving, but I'm feeling mighty thankful lately. Maybe it's because I'm not losing my dinner to the toilet. I am at home, surrounded by family and friends and really enjoying the festive season. My life is full. Thank you to everyone who makes it that way. :)

I'm done.

Enjoy your little piece of quietude this season. And may your pipes not freeze.