Early Nesting

It hit me yesterday afternoon -- the urge to clean, organize, put everything in its place. The cause very well may have been how disorderly the house had become over the holidays...a big mess is usually pretty inspirational. But lately, I just haven't had the energy to clean up a big mess. Especially not all in one afternoon.

So I'm tempted to blame the female villains themselves -- hormones. For once, they did something good. Well, actually they completely wore me out. But I had the power. And it lasted long enough to get a couple closets organized (toddler toys in one, baby gear in the other) and holiday clutter put away. You know, wrapping paper, gifts lying around, tree needles everywhere. I didn't quite make it to the floors, bathrooms and laundry, but luckily those turbo boosters kicked in again this morning and the house is now officially clean! Da-da-da-dA!

It feels good in a way. But also exhausting. I know I'll have to do all this again very soon. I'm amazed that somewhere deep within me was planted the desire to see CLEAN and get down and dirty to see results. I don't think I have quite the dedication as my mother or grandmother, but it's there nonetheless. I actually get pleasure from it. Not all can say that, I've heard. ;) So, I'll take this much deserved few moments in my easy chair and hope my aching back will recover soon.