Not a Mystery Anymore

So, Tim is working on the test batch of cinnamon rolls for our Christmas brunch on Sabbath and I've decided to make gingersnap cookies for the Christmas Cookie and Ornament Exchange on Sunday -- knocking out #2 and #3 on my list. We can wave goodbye to #1 as well because the Christmas letter is DONE and was emailed out this evening!

If you haven't listened to our "Christmas Cardcast" yet, be sure to listen for hints that might lead you to understand the "Mystery Number" a bit better. In all honesty, the mystery number isn't much of a mystery anymore...and will be increasing with such speed that I won't be able to keep track anymore anyway.

So....(drumroll please)....the mystery number IS...the number of people who know something you don't (or maybe do by now)!!

Surprised?? =D