The History Behind It

The "Mystery Number" has gotten quite a lot of mileage, hasn't it? It surprises me how curious it made my readers. Kinda funny. :) So, I thought I'd give you a run-down of where the idea came from and how the numbers add up.

Tim (of course) was the man with the idea. We were brainstorming ways to kind-of allude to our secret without giving it away too early. We wanted something fun to fill time while we were waiting for the all important first trimester to pass.

The number started out as '3'. That was Tim, ME and the choir director! Yep...she was the first to figure it out. Guess falling asleep on the job would make someone wonder. Not literally...but a lot of yawning! =D

The number grew as we told our parents and as other friends began to figure it out. It was somewhere around 21 or so when the choir director made a general announcement to all 75 kids!! Ya, that was a crazy jump! I figured I'd never see them again, so it was OK.

After that, the number seemed to grow exponentially. Friends would say, 'oh, I told so-and-so' and family members started passing on the news as well. Pretty soon I just put a + sign by the number since it was so inaccurate.

So, there you have it -- the story behind the madness. And now I can bore you all with blog posts about how nauseous I'm feeling and how much weight I've gained. Enjoy!