Here's the fateful picture I wanted to post months ago...haha I think I went through four negative tests before getting this positive!! I was just a bit anxious to have a May baby...but we'll be just as thankful for one in June. :) Yep -- estimated arrival will be mid-June and I'm NOT counting the days. Or getting induced.

So, tomorrow I should be rounding the bend into second trimester territory (14 weeks) and I'm already feeling less nauseous/tired and generally more glad to be alive. The past 10 weeks or so were questionable at times. Not fun. And as everyone who has done this before knows...not fun to keep the miserableness a secret!!!

We found a great OB/GYN in town who really impressed us with his nice office, sense of humor, and gentle mannerisms. Nice guy. We're disappointed with the options for Labor/Delivery in town...but Portland Adventist Medical Center holds the standard very high. We will miss you PAMC.