What We Did

When Tim got home from work, he was rewarded with an easy but yummy meal -- mashed potatoes, Dinner Roast, and yams (missing the peas and salad, I know). Then we read the Christmas Story found in Luke and Tim attempted to use Peter as a prop to make it come to life (a donkey, shepherd, or Mary herself). That will probably work a bit better in a few years. :)

We moved into the 'piano room' and inspected all the gifts under the tree, organizing them into piles and then putting them all back. Our next task was to sing/play all the Advent songs in the hymnal, about 35 of them. We sang one verse from each and realized we didn't know a couple.

After Peter went to beddy-by (which took a while, by the way), Tim went out to build a snowman, since the temps had warmed up and the snow was finally sticky enough to make balls. I went out later and attempted to pelt him with snowballs, but only connected a couple of times. I throw like a girl. We brought out Tim's new tripod and posed with the 'man'.

Christmas Day started before we intended, with an early riser (5:30am)! Did he hear us say something about waking up early to open presents?? hmmm Well, we took a minute to clean up and then before breakfast gathered around the tree to open the gifts. We tried to video the process, but Peter was more interested in manhandling the camera than in opening presents. Silly techno boy. So we got a lot of video of his face up close and personal. And couldn't entice him to rip paper.

Tim got me the whole series of Down Gilead Lane, a family radio drama that we really enjoy listening to. We put in the first CD and laughed and cried. :) Fifty more CDs to go...our kids will really enjoy these for years to come.

We played a round of Last Word, the new game we got this year. It was actually kinda fun! We tried it out on our friends later that afternoon (who treated us with a meal of enchiladas and other Mexican finery) and they seemed to enjoy it too. We also played Catch Phrase, Guesstures, and Wii Baseball (very fun).

It was early to bed for the little one, so Tim and I cuddled by the fire to watch the first episode of Road to Avonlea, another of Tim's gifts to me. :) Something I've missed watching on Canadian television.

So that was it -- our holiday in a nutshell. Now it's probably time to clean the house again.