Last Day of February

I really like the last day of the month. I think because it signals completion and new beginnings. It seems like February has been a really tough month, with two snowshoeing expeditions that really messed up my pelvic region, car trouble that left me without wheels for awhile, and rather dreary weather. So I'm excited about March and the 'newness' it will bring.

The first new thing will be a haircut -- it's about time, haven't had a fresh cut since November! I'm still undecided about what to do with it. I usually go for the tried and true -- layers, texturing, shorter bangs. But my bangs continue to be a nuisance and I am still completely uncertain about what looks best on me. If you have an opinion, I'd be glad to hear it. It would be exciting to get a whole new look, but pretty scary too.

I'm also looking forward to my OB appointment -- the glucose test won't be all that great, but maybe I'll get some answers about my back/pelvis. Mainly it's just another milestone -- eight visits to go type of thing. :) I'm really hoping the next three months pass by quickly...