Making Progress?

I've been thinking about my long term goals for a long time. They have actually become longer than I intended! I was hoping to finish Algebra II by Christmas time, remember? Hah. Everything changed right around September...

I pulled out my Algebra book today (still on Lesson 25) in a feeble attempt to get back on track. But it seems I have forgotten most of the concepts and will need to review Algebra I again in order to do these problems. Am I that dedicated?? NO! There comes a time in everyone's life where certain things must be lain aside. The earliest Peter will even be thinking about Algebra II, let alone needing help from me, is ten or more years from now! Am I planning to do a refresher math course every year until then?? Sorry, honey, but my brain just doesn't retain this stuff like yours. I am hereby bequeathing all math homework help from sixth grade and up to YOU.

I have made a bit of progress in President's Challenge, although MUCH slower than anticipated. It's taken me more than five months to earn 25,000 points!! So, my next goal is to earn my gold medal in three months -- that will take a lot of work! We're aiming for 500 points 5 days a week = 2500 points/week. I can do that by walking 2 1/2 hours each day, at a moderate speed. Here we go, baby!!

The raised beds are still an upcoming project. Most likely to be completed by my husband. With much encouragement from me. Have you heard this favorite quote of mine? "Behind every successful man is the woman who made it necessary."

And lastly, the chairs. Well, this project came to a *grinding* halt soon after I got pregnant. Not sure if the paint is lead-based or not, but I'd really rather not find out the hard way. A good friend has volunteered her services and promised to have them sanded and stained by the end of May in exchange for fresh homemade bread and cinnamon rolls! Great deal, eh? Especially since my husband will be providing the goodies. ;)

So, I hope you feel duly updated in this department. Looks like I'll need to think up some more goals for the next year...much like Leilani's list, only shorter.