Months Pass By

As hard as it is to believe, time is passing! It's already almost March, Peter is 21 months old, and baby #2 has been growing inside me for 24 weeks now. I've got to keep remembering that time won't stand keeps moving on, closer and closer to the finish line. Or the start of a whole different crisis, whichever way you want to look at it.

Peter has been about 50% CUTE and 50% unruly lately. Hopefully with some consistent naps this week we can bring him back around to 100% cute. :) It will be nice to see more sunshine as springtime approaches. And with his increasing vocabulary, we may be able to relieve some stress by communicating more effectively. There have been some tense moments lately where we're both frustrated and I say 'Peter, Mommy doesn't know why you're crying and upset...please try to find a word that will help me understand'. 'Are you hungry?' 'Are you thirsty?' 'Are you tired?' Much like the book, What's Wrong, Little Pookie? by Sandra Boynton.

So, as we move beyond the fog of winter and into the sunshine of spring, I must keep looking for the joy in life, the little things that make me smile. Time will carry me on. Love will lift me up. And this too shall pass.